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- Camera maintenance steps need to know

Due to the nature and peculiarities of work, now many customers choose smart products as cameras to manage and monitor their assets. However, many people still do not know the steps camera maintenance How does it work? To better understand this issue, please follow the following article!

- Camera maintenance steps need to know

For any one product, to increase longevity and quality assurance, you need to know how to maintain it properly. As with camera equipment, to ensure its features work well, you need to bring to reputable stores to check and maintain according to your requirements.

Following, BINH DINH SHOP would like to introduce camera maintenance steps that customers should know:

- Step 1: Check the camera system

1. Hardware inspection includes: Check the camera recorder, camera inspection and hygiene when needed.

2. If the device is damaged, it should be repaired / replaced immediately. If the component is badly damaged and cannot be repaired, it must be replaced.

3. Check the signal line from the recorder to the camera to see if it is affected, is the camera power supply sufficient?

4. Check the camera connectors for oxidation

5. Check the software by: Checking the data stored on the hard drive, if necessary, instructing the customer how to backup the data; Consulting and installing more advanced software for the system; Check and install basic parameters according to the needs of each customer; Install application programs if customers request ...

- Step 2: Maintain camera system

1. Backup data: Instructions for customers how to perform backup data backup in the current hard drive or other backup device.

2. Check the last time the work performed above before handing over to the customer.

3. Making a written certification of the performance of the work in a specific and clear way for the customers to check, evaluate, take over and confirm it.

4. Advise and guide customers more about how to operate and use to achieve high efficiency in work and avoid damage.

5. In addition, customers will be advised to install anti-theft cameras or some new technology solutions to ensure the work progress as well as the best asset protection.

Above is how to maintain the camera system of BINHDINH construction joint stock company and pacification technology for customers when required.